English for Law Certificate Program

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Welcome to the University of Miami – English for Law Certificate Program

This course is designed for law students, lawyers and other legal professionals from around the world seeking to excel in an increasingly globalized and competitive legal environment.

This program will help you improve your English language skills have a more nuanced appreciation of US legal culture and the distinguishing characteristics of legal practice in America.

This certificate is offered through the Intensive Language Institute at the University of Miami


Program Information

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  • About the Program

    The 48-hr program is specifically designed for international lawyers and law students with a high intermediate English language proficiency.  This course is offered during the summer semester.   

  • Courses

    READING:  Increase and improve knowledge of legal topics and vocabulary while increasing your Legal English fluency, speed, and accuracy in reading.


    WRITING: Focus on the advanced level research and writing skills vital for success in law school.  Improve your writing and research skills by developing, composing, evaluating, editing and analyzing reports and arguments using critical thinking skills.


    SPEAKING: Sharpen and refine your oral communication skills vital for a successful career in law, such as presentation of arguments and opinion, analysis and expression of ideas, and critical listening.

  • Tuition

    $ 3,200

  • Dates and schedule

    Classes meet Monday thru Thursday, 9 AM to 1PM  


  • Benefits

    By the end of the course, students will feel confident in their basic legal writing skills (and how to utilize the many research resources to do so), basic legal jargon and vocabulary, and feel confident in  communicating at a professional level in virtually any U.S. legal setting.

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