Intensive Spanish Program

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Welcome to the University of Miami – Intensive Spanish Program

The Accelerated Spanish Program is designed for those who would like to develop and improve their Spanish. In our classes, we focus on you, the student, and your ability to communicate in the target language. Our Spanish classes have been divided into four levels for your convenience.

This program is offered through the Intensive Language Institute at the University of Miami.   


Program Information

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  • About the program

    The courses focus on oral comprehension and expression, listening comprehension, and grammar components appropriate to your language level. Native-speaking faculty bring their dynamic teaching techniques to jump-start, or polish, your Spanish language skills.

    The program is divided into Beginner through Intermediate levels and participants must take a language assessment test. 

  • Tuition

    The tuition for the course is $1,150

  • Language Assessment

    Students are asked to take an online language proficiency test to determine their level.  The online test has two parts:

  • Levels of Spanish

    After completing LEVEL 1, students should be able to:

    • Greet people
    • Exchange polite questions and answers
    • Exchange phone numbers
    • Talk about days and dates
    • Describe colors
    • Speak about daily activities/routines
    • Talk about restaurants and related topics
    • Talk about family
    • Talk about traveling and hotels

    After completing LEVEL 2, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 1 student can do, and:
    • Talk about and make travel arrangements
    • Talk about sports and other outdoor activities
    • Give commands and make polite requests
    • Speak about activities in the past
    • Talk about shopping and the weather

    After completing LEVEL 3, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 2 student can do, and:
    • Speak using the imperfect tense
    • Speak using the past progressive tense
    • Talk about topics related to shopping and automobiles
    • Speak using the present perfect (pluperfect) tense
    • Speak using the future tense
    • Speak using conditionals

    After completing LEVEL 4, students should be able to do what a LEVEL 3 student can do, and:
    • Speak using the subjunctive
    • Make comparisons and use superlatives
    • Talk about hospitals and health care situations
    • Express doubt, disbelief, and denial using the subjunctive
    • Speak using the present perfect subjunctive
    • Speak using the imperfect subjunctive

    From time to time, we offer LEVEL 5 and the focus is on conversation. Students will converse in Spanish about current events and special topics such as marketing, Spanish film, literature, music, and other topics of interest.

  • Benefit

    You will gain the confidence to speak Spanish more accurately and fluently. By the end of the program you will have expanded your vocabulary

  • Instructors

    At the Intensive Language Institute, our faculty is our greatest asset. Our instructors all have advanced degrees and years of teaching experience. These dedicated professionals are personally committed to your progress in learning the language and making your language learning experience productive and enjoyable.

  • Professional Badges

    The Division of Continuing and International Education’s mission is to empower people to reach their full potential through lifelong and life wide learning.  Graduates of our programs will be able to virtually display a certificate, which showcases their new skillset

  • Testimonials

    Teachers were fantastic explaining and patient with me and I was able to keep up and really enjoyed the class.  Best language program I have ever taken. - Ilona Moroz, Nurse

    It is a perfect way to learn or start to sharpen a language. It is a lot of work and a commitment, but you leave wanting more. It was extremely fulfilling. - Susan Tarbe, Attorney

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