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Welcome to the University of Miami – Graduate Business English Certificate Online

 The Graduate Business English Certificate is an intensive English program designed to prepare international students for the rigors of a graduate business school environment. The program provides practical tools as students learn about and adapt to the expectations of the American classroom. Upon completing this program students are ready to start their graduate business studies experience with full confidence.

This certificate is offered through the Intensive Language Institute at the University of Miami


Program Information

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  • About the Program

    This intensive online program is specifically designed to refine the oral communication and writing skills of international students.

    The classes will provide a review of and practice with English writing, speaking and listening skills, which are essential for success in business school and in the practice of business in general.

    Students will develop their English expression by exploring issues facing contemporary, multicultural, business decision makers, while developing their ability to meaningfully make evaluations and clearly and persuasively communicate those recommendations to a variety of stakeholders

  • Who can enroll?

    Students accepted to the Miami Herbert Business School Master’s Programs.

    Students interested in applying to a graduate program in business with a high intermediate-advanced level of English.

  • Course Schedule

    This intensive online certificate is offered in both a 3-week and a 4-week format. Courses include two live video sessions each week.

  • Tuition and Fees

    The tuition is $4,350

  • Benefits

    Includes two live video sessions each week

    Offers a specialized curriculum for international students

    Sharpens your research, writing, reading, vocabulary, speaking, and notetaking skills

    Introduces advanced, graduate-level course expectations

    Provides professional faculty with experience in Graduate English and teaching English as a second languag

  • Professional badges

    Provides digital certificate upon successful completion that you can share with universities and potential employers on LinkedIn.

  • Testimonials

    The Graduate Business English Certificate provides a unique kind of content that is essential for any interested international student to improve their future productivity, and to be able to get most of their Master’s studies. Mariam Garifova, Russia

    This course was very rewarding for me. I not only learned a lot of business vocabulary and business analysis methods, but also improved my expressive skills. I have mastered some skills and better understand the teaching mode of American schools. Yang Wang, China

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